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3D Computer Animation - Specialist 3D Animation

Into Reality has over 20 years experience in creating imaginative 3D computer animations. These can include video footage and a voice-over.

Product Demonstrations

Computer animations and visualisations can be an invaluable tool to show your new design prior to manufacture. This will help “speed your product to market”.


The 3D animations can be used to:-

  • demonstrate a product working
  • produce prototypes for testing
  • create a promotional presentation
  • form part of a tender to help you win your bid
  • show large or complex items
    • often before they exist!

Product Training

You can use 3D computer animations in presentations for training purposes. They can demonstrate how something works, or how it should used.  Animations can help to explain complex manufacturing processes.


A slick 3D animation in a crafted presentation will enable you to promote your product or idea. Into Reality can also provide exhibition graphics and marketing materials.

Presentations can be viewed on:-

  • laptops
  • large screen
  • websites
  • tablets
  • and Smart Phones

How we work

We can work with you from the concept stage. Your existing 2D or 3D CAD data can be imported. Alternatively we can illustrate from:-

  • sketches
  • plans
  • photographs
  • or from viewing an existing item

"The 3D animations, with excellent graphics and audio were superb, playing a vital role in simplifying the explanation of the concept and its benefits to both the press and potential customers."
Rob Price, Product Marketing Manager, Psion.


Concept bed reader for iPads

3D Animation used to demonstrate concept design bed reader for iPad's - Gadget Show 2013

 For more detailed 3D animation requirements see:-