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Gadget Show Presentation

A presentation used to launch a new smart bed at the Gadget Show


We launched the Balluga Smart Bed at the Gadget Show. The 3D animated presentation formed an integral part of our display Joe Katan, CEO, Balluga Ltd
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Project requirements

A 3D animated presentation to launch a new “Smart Interactive Bed” at the Gadget Show.

The challenge

Initially only limited 3D CAD data was available. Into Reality built 3D models to illustrate the design as it was being developed. As the design changed new animations were created.

The result

An eye-catching presentation which was used as a backdrop at the exhibition launch. The animations demonstrated how the new smart bed could revolutionise the sleeping environment.

Project solution

Into Reality's package included:-

  • 3D models generated from limited CAD data

  • 3D models up-dated as design developed

  • 3D animated presentation

  • Duration 3 minutes 45 seconds

  • Timescale 6 weeks