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8020 Mass Spectrometer launch presentation

A 3D animated fly-through journey to explain the features of a new spectrometer for Kratos Analytical.


Into Reality produced a great animation to our exact requirements. The whole process was very simple, from start to finish. Adrian resolved any issues, particularly during final refinement of the animation, producing a professional video which we use to promote our product. Kratos Analytical Ltd
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Project requirements

A presentation for the launch of the new compact 8020 Mass Spectrometer. The client wanted to follow the same style as the 7090 animation, as it was previously well received.

The challenge

The problem was how to show the inner workings of complex equipment.

The result

The viewer follows a sample, from insertion, through to vaporising and detection. The animation clearly explains the benefits of the TrueClean™ self-cleaning capability.

Project solution

Into Reality's package included:-

  • 3D animation

  • Music

  • Photographs

  • Bullet point information with special effects

  • Duration 3 minutes