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Tongue's Club Dental Products

A 3D photo-montage and an animation helped to launch plastic-free toothpaste tablets.


Adrian was a pleasure to work with. He contacted me very promptly upon posting of my project and his communication throughout was excellent. He was able to produce some fantastic renders in a very short period of time. His ability to produce photorealistic animations was perfect and we look forward to working together again in the future. Damian Panchal - CEO Tongue's Club

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Project requirements

Tongue's Club, a new brand in dental hygiene, requested a short animation for the social media launch of their new alternative toothpaste tablets.

The challenge

To produce a realistic 3D animation of a product that did not exist. A light-hearted photo-montaged image was also created as an eye-catcher.

The result

An animation that introduces the concept of convenient plastic free toothpaste tablets in a glass jar, instead of toothpaste in a tube.

Project solution

Into Reality's package included:-

  • 3D models generated from 2D sketches

  • 3D animation showing the product with accurate labelling

  • 3D photo-montaged image

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