Charity Fundraising

Our support for World Lnd Trust

At Into Reality we have a desire to preseve our environment and we do this in our business philosophy and in supoorting the World Land Trust.

Our Success to date

We have run a series of fund raising event over several year which has raised for the World Land Trust

2017 - £3,000 total funding
2016 - £1,500 total funding
2015 - £3,500 total funding

These funds have been raised by Margaret and Adrian running a "Wine Call My Bluff" evening each year, at which funds are raised. These funds are then mtached funded by Barclay's Bank. These doubled funds are then doubled again by match funding by being donated to the World Land Trust in the first two weeks of October.

How you can help

If you share my concerns you may wish to support the following charities:-

World Wildlife Fund

World Land Trust